SSH access to Buffalo Linkstation LS-VL Pro

I have all my media in Buffalo Linkstation LS-VL pro NAS. This is a marvellous piece of machine which is fast and compact as well. I just thought it would be great to have complete control of this machine and for this I obviously need root access.

Following are the steps for Mac OS and Linux through which I gained full access.

1. Download acp_commander.jar file from buffalo to your desktop.

2. Now open Terminal and type the following command


Above command will ask you to enter the file name. I prefer to save it to desktop for example in my case it was.


The command will ask for passphrase but you can keep that blank if you want.Now it will generate two files authorized_keys and These two files are the public and private key for SSH login.

3. Now generate a TXT file named open-ls.txt on your desktop with the following lines.

# open-ls.txt -- This script will be executed on the LS

# DIR is where we are
DIR=$( cd $(dirname $0) ; pwd)

# Create the directory for the ssh keys and copy the pubkey there
mkdir /root/.ssh
chmod 700 /root/.ssh
cp $DIR/authorized_keys /root/.ssh/
chmod 600 /root/.ssh/authorized_keys
# Required if 'authorized_keys' have een written on a Windows PC
dos2unix /root/.ssh/authorized_keys

### Enable root login for SSH
# Backup sshd_config
cp -p /etc/sshd_config /etc/sshd_config.orig
# Replace all "PermitRootLogin no" by "PermitRootLogin yes"
sed -i '/PermitRootLogin/s/no/yes/' /etc/sshd_config
chmod 600 /etc/sshd_config
# Verify
grep PermitRootLogin /etc/sshd_config

# Last we restart the sshd.
/etc/init.d/ restart

4. Now by default Linkstation has a folder named share with all you media inside. In this folder upload open-ls.txt and but rename it to authorized_keys.

5. You must be now left with acp_commander.jar and authorized_keys private key on Desktop. Using terminal go to your desktop directory and type the following command.

mv authorized_keys ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Your private ssh key should be renamed in id_rsa and kept inside hidden .ssh folder.

Now type the following command.

java -jar acp_commander.jar -t LINKSTATION_IP -ip LINKSTATION_IP -pw LINKSTATION_WEB_ADMIN_PASSWORD -c 'ls /mnt/disk1/share/'

After the above command gets executed type the following command.

java -jar acp_commander.jar -t LINKSTATION_IP -ip LINKSTATION_IP -pw LINKSTATION_WEB_ADMIN_PASSWORD -c 'sh -x /mnt/disk1/share/open-ls.txt'

If the above command gets executed successfully then you would be able to login as root using ssh to your link station.

If you have tried to login prior to this guide then you may need to delete know_hosts inside your .ssh folder.

You can now enjoy the full control on your linkstation.

For reference please visit buffalo wiki.


Samsung Portable DVD writer – MacBook Pro

I bought a Samsung Portable DVD writer Model-SE-218 for my Macbook Pro Retina Display instead of a shiny super drive. It actually works very well and is far better than the superdrive, best thing about this dvd writer is that I can atleast use my mini dvd.
One strange thing I noticed that the use of wrong micro usb cable wont allow macbook to detect the drive. So use the best possible cable.

If Broadband Modem reboots continuously.

If some day your ADSL Modem continuously reboots and doesn’t let a Local link to establish, then you need not to call your ISP because they would simply scratch there heads and would finally suggest you to change you modem. At least it happened to me, I can also understand its BSNL but, Airtel, Reliance, TATA Indicom are no better. Same kind of dumb people work both sides. I got a common suggestion too that you should change your modem.

Now let me give you my brief story.

What I recalled was that in the past few days there had been atleast 15-20 times power failure and I did not protect my modem with UPS or a stabilizer. So what went bad was my Modem AC adapter. Its voltage dropped from 9V to little less. If you get this problem then do check this output voltage using a voltmeter. I just changed the adapter to little higher voltage 12V and it worked. Don’t worry it didn’t burn my modem so I guess yours will be safe as well but better option will be to replace the adapter with same ratings.

My modem was manufactured by Huawei Technologies build Smartax MT882. Its an extremely well build modem but I think I never had an original adapter that’s why it failed. I linked this modem with Linksys WRT54GL wireless router (whose adapter is 12v which I used for testing).

Modem reboots can also happen if you screwed up the firmware update but and that really means you should keep quit and get your modem changed by ISP. This problem can be solved by methods like TFTP or JTAG Cable. More detailed explanation can be found on DD-WRT site.