Macbook Pro USB – No bootable device found

Recently I have encountered a strange problem in my MBP. I am trying to install windows 7 through usb media but strangely it goes undetected. I also tried rEfit and rEfind boot managers but it threw an error of no bootable device found.

I tried win7 DVDs as well, the problem with them is stuck up at “Expanding windows files”. Apple surely needs a check on bootcamp.

I now found my own way to deal with this. Following is the solution.

Boot into your mac os partition and clear up all files in windows partition. Then copy all the content of window 7 iso or DVD into win partition. Boot with this windows partition and then start installation on the same partition.

Problem solved.



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3 Responses to Macbook Pro USB – No bootable device found

  1. Cory says:

    Did you clean out all of the “invisible” files?

  2. Calvin Valerian says:

    THANKS A LOT! 5*

  3. Ambuj Joshi says:

    I am trying to follow your steps but I dont know how to boot with the windows partition. When I alt restart, I dont have the bootcamp partition visible. Not even in the startup disk. But I can see it in disk utilities. Then how did you boot into the windows partition?

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