How to Geo tag Photos in Nokia E72?

After reading many reviews it was very clear that E72 will definitely come with Geo Tagging feature but, I was really amazed when I actually explored the device and found nothing related to geo tagging. Good thing is Nokia 5800 also came without this tagging feature but later on with firmware upgrade this missing feature was incorporated. I am expecting same case with E72 also.
Mean while there are few software which can geo tag your photos in E72 and guess what! its a product of nokia beta labs. The software I am referring here is Location Tagger. I installed this software and I am able to click photos with location embedded.
Another software I found is locr, its a photo sharing website with geotagging software for symbian and window mobile devices.
Now I am desperately waiting for a firmware update to include all those features which this device deserves.


About Abhinav Goyal
Will be updated soon.

3 Responses to How to Geo tag Photos in Nokia E72?

  1. mark says:

    Thanks for the links, I just brought this device and was really surprised to not find geo tagging in there already.

  2. costy says:

    Hy there , how about that update ? it solved the geotagging problem ?

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