S60 Media Sharing with Mac OS

Nokia’s E72 is a DLNA enabled device which marvelously shares media with Windows Media Player 11. No third-party software is needed on both sides. Well I am an Apple user so I am trying to make media sharing work between E72 and Mac.

Till now I have got success in pieces. I have installed two software in my 10.6 Snow Leopard.

  1. Media Cloud Mac
  2. TwonkyMedia

Media Cloud Mac is just an UPNP media player, it wont act as a server and I really wish it could, for Server I had to install TwonkyMedia which has established itself as a standard UPNP software in many Network Attached Storage and Media Sharing Devices. As such there are many other UPNP server and media player for Mac OS. Some of them I tried were EyeConnect, MediaLink etc. but, I haven’t been able to get any connectivity between two of my devices.

This post will apply to all Symbian OS devices with DLNA certification for example Nokia N95, N96, N97, Samsung i8910 etc.

I would be very interested to get any better solution to this aspect.


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One Response to S60 Media Sharing with Mac OS

  1. Kevin Crook says:

    try xmbc, I tried it a while back and I think it let me mac show up in my home media on my n95. I just didn’t like the interface very much and stopped using the program.

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