Nokia E72 Email Messaging

Just three days back I sold my heavy duty Samsung Omnia HD and bought Nokia E72, the most highly awaited phone of this year.
I bought E72 after an exhausted comparision and to me the hardware specs is still the best. The moment I got my hands on to this phone I just enabled all my emails and then slowly pros and cons of E72 started appearing.
Nokia’s email messaging was the best thing against Blackberry devices (I have seen E51 and E71 too). In E72 Nokia merged the messaging software into phone firmware. Now the home screen has only 2 email boxes and to look at remaining boxes you have to find a longer route unless you keep the application shortcut at main screen. Moreover you will only be notified for 2 email boxes for rest no notifications. Another bad step from nokia is its email format, by default it will be text and you have to choose html manually everytime. The minimum time of email update is 10 minutes and to most of us this is will appear as a hell lot of time.
There are many other drawbacks posted by people but to me only Messaging thing mattered most. But, I am sure Nokia will be giving a firmware update very soon as there are many similar complains made to them at such an early stage.
Also I am using profimail to balance out Nokia’s mistake.


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4 Responses to Nokia E72 Email Messaging

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  3. itfreak86 says:

    typical from Nokia, they tend to leave a dent in each device, thats how they leave you always wanting for more, always changing your device… yet to find just another dent in the new one, and so on..

    • @itfreak86 I agree to what you think but I must add its the strategy of many other well know brands including Apple Inc. No one will ever agree that Apple didn’t have brains or technology to cover many missing features in iphone. Keeping Nokia in mind they usual tend to give complete sets but I think they somehow fail to do an effective public survey. I hope they will at-least listen to complains.

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