Patent Agent Association of India

I have given a sufficient amount of time in the field of Intellectual Property and the most annoying part I encountered till date is that in India people hardly have any awareness about this business. Almost every time I end up lecturing people about this field. Reason being is that this field is not promoted enough in the Indian Market as company to Software business which I found has reached to its saturation level. Indian Software Industry has reached to USD$50 billion in year 2008 and KPO is expected to reach USD$17 billion by 2010.

Recently I came accross an initiative taken by a group of skilled people in this industry to promote this field in India.

PAAI is a association formed by a group of Patent Agents in India to promote businesses and education in the field of Intellectual Property. The following are the key points the association is working on.

  1. Promoting the education and training of Patent Agents and other patent professionals in India;
  2. Assisting aspiring professionals to pass the qualifying examinations (defined u/s 126 of The Patents Act, 1970) for becoming Patent Agents in India;
  3. Assisting in the institution and introduction of practice, procedure, training and legislation concerning patents in India;
  4. Establishing and implementing rules, directives and a code of conduct pertaining the profession of patent agents in India;
  5. Working with the IPO India and industry to provide education and training to industry in India regarding the patent system and the benefits of using the patent system; and
  6. Engaging in activities and reciprocal co-operation with other associations, national and international.
  7. PAAI is seeking the support of the IPO India and will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the IPO India to assist in training the patent agents and other Patent specialists in India.

The association is seeking an active involvement from Industry and Individuals. As a part of this industry I feel obliged to send this message to as many people I can.


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One Response to Patent Agent Association of India

  1. Ghanshyam Thummar says:

    Hi Abhinav,
    I am Ghanshyam Thummar from Ahmedabad.I have qualified for Patent agent examination-2010.I have completed my M.pharm from Nirma University.Now, I wamy career in want to make my career in Pharma IPR. Kindly help me to find suitable Job in this field.

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