If Broadband Modem reboots continuously.

If some day your ADSL Modem continuously reboots and doesn’t let a Local link to establish, then you need not to call your ISP because they would simply scratch there heads and would finally suggest you to change you modem. At least it happened to me, I can also understand its BSNL but, Airtel, Reliance, TATA Indicom are no better. Same kind of dumb people work both sides. I got a common suggestion too that you should change your modem.

Now let me give you my brief story.

What I recalled was that in the past few days there had been atleast 15-20 times power failure and I did not protect my modem with UPS or a stabilizer. So what went bad was my Modem AC adapter. Its voltage dropped from 9V to little less. If you get this problem then do check this output voltage using a voltmeter. I just changed the adapter to little higher voltage 12V and it worked. Don’t worry it didn’t burn my modem so I guess yours will be safe as well but better option will be to replace the adapter with same ratings.

My modem was manufactured by Huawei Technologies build Smartax MT882. Its an extremely well build modem but I think I never had an original adapter that’s why it failed. I linked this modem with Linksys WRT54GL wireless router (whose adapter is 12v which I used for testing).

Modem reboots can also happen if you screwed up the firmware update but and that really means you should keep quit and get your modem changed by ISP. This problem can be solved by methods like TFTP or JTAG Cable. More detailed explanation can be found on DD-WRT site.



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5 Responses to If Broadband Modem reboots continuously.

  1. Santhosh says:

    Thanks a ton ! I have the exact same problem. Will go check out my adapter.

  2. yahia says:

    I thought this post was going to save me, but it didn’t.
    Actually I have the same problem/symptom, but only on my computer! On other computers the modem works fine. Also, the modem works fine on my own computer only when it is (it’s a laptop) on battery alone. Just a second after inserting the AC adapter and the connection fails and then it never syncs to allow me to connect. I’ve tried everything. I even set the broadband connection on another computer then tried to share it via LAN but just after I plug the LAN cable in both ends the same problem occurs in the sane computer. Also when I have both computers on AC adapters in the same plug (using multiplug) the modem doesn not work in the good computer unless I shutdown my own computer! (also tried different modem of same type and does he same thing.)
    So this is it. Nothing is wrong with my computer’s drivers (also ran a thorough Dell system diagnostics) since it works fine on battery alone, so I guess this is an electric problem from within the computer, either the laptop or the adapter itself, what do you think? How can I solve this issue?

  3. Karan Kumar says:

    Thank you Abhinav. This article was incredible helpful, and I guess I was really lucky to stumble across it! 🙂

  4. arjun says:

    Amazing man.. This has been there for me like from 2007 or so.. and whenever this happens i used to change my modem and in the process lose a hell lot of normal time and my DOTA time..Thanks to you.. I jus realised this, and i did find a multimeter and it seems to be perfect what u r saying.. Thanks a lot..

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