Nokia E72 Email Messaging

Just three days back I sold my heavy duty Samsung Omnia HD and bought Nokia E72, the most highly awaited phone of this year.
I bought E72 after an exhausted comparision and to me the hardware specs is still the best. The moment I got my hands on to this phone I just enabled all my emails and then slowly pros and cons of E72 started appearing.
Nokia’s email messaging was the best thing against Blackberry devices (I have seen E51 and E71 too). In E72 Nokia merged the messaging software into phone firmware. Now the home screen has only 2 email boxes and to look at remaining boxes you have to find a longer route unless you keep the application shortcut at main screen. Moreover you will only be notified for 2 email boxes for rest no notifications. Another bad step from nokia is its email format, by default it will be text and you have to choose html manually everytime. The minimum time of email update is 10 minutes and to most of us this is will appear as a hell lot of time.
There are many other drawbacks posted by people but to me only Messaging thing mattered most. But, I am sure Nokia will be giving a firmware update very soon as there are many similar complains made to them at such an early stage.
Also I am using profimail to balance out Nokia’s mistake.


Patent Agent Association of India

I have given a sufficient amount of time in the field of Intellectual Property and the most annoying part I encountered till date is that in India people hardly have any awareness about this business. Almost every time I end up lecturing people about this field. Reason being is that this field is not promoted enough in the Indian Market as company to Software business which I found has reached to its saturation level. Indian Software Industry has reached to USD$50 billion in year 2008 and KPO is expected to reach USD$17 billion by 2010.

Recently I came accross an initiative taken by a group of skilled people in this industry to promote this field in India.

PAAI is a association formed by a group of Patent Agents in India to promote businesses and education in the field of Intellectual Property. The following are the key points the association is working on.

  1. Promoting the education and training of Patent Agents and other patent professionals in India;
  2. Assisting aspiring professionals to pass the qualifying examinations (defined u/s 126 of The Patents Act, 1970) for becoming Patent Agents in India;
  3. Assisting in the institution and introduction of practice, procedure, training and legislation concerning patents in India;
  4. Establishing and implementing rules, directives and a code of conduct pertaining the profession of patent agents in India;
  5. Working with the IPO India and industry to provide education and training to industry in India regarding the patent system and the benefits of using the patent system; and
  6. Engaging in activities and reciprocal co-operation with other associations, national and international.
  7. PAAI is seeking the support of the IPO India and will sign a Memorandum of Understanding with the IPO India to assist in training the patent agents and other Patent specialists in India.

The association is seeking an active involvement from Industry and Individuals. As a part of this industry I feel obliged to send this message to as many people I can.

Even car drivers are available online

This month I am getting too many unexpected Business advertisements in my Inbox. People can now order car drivers with all the measures like police verification already taken. The company Radiant Car Care Plus Pvt. Ltd. is one of the first company I came across which is doing this demanding business. I wonder doing a business is like picking up something and providing it online. Hail IT sector!

Ebay India’s Global Easy Buy

Just few hours back I got an advertisement mail from HDFC bank that some discount is being offered on Ebay India with Global Purchase. Ebay has started this under brand name Global Easy Buy. I never heard of this feature on Ebay till now in which we can also buy things from outside India, so I thought to share this info with all.

Password protect wiki pages.

If you have hosted your Mediawiki package on some hosting server and want to put some access read/write security, then here is a solution which doesn’t need you to play with Apache.

Put these lines in your LocalSettings.php file

$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘edit’] = false;
$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘read’] = false;

Now, an anonymous user wont be able to read any pages, except for the ones you explicitly white list, like this:

$wgWhitelistRead = array( “Special:Userlogin”, “-”, “MediaWiki:Monobook.css”, “Main_Page” );

The above like may already exist in your LocalSettings.php, just add pages you want anonymous users to see. If you don’t even want them to see your wiki front page, remove “Main_Page” from this list. Visitors will now be asked to log in immediately, even before they get to see your front page.

Unfortunately, by default Mediawiki lets users create their own accounts and this would mean that anonymous visitors can just create an account and have all the privileges you didn’t want them to have.
Protect your wiki against account creation by adding this line to LocalSettings.php:

$wgGroupPermissions[‘*’][‘createaccount’] = false;

Be aware that now legitimate new users cannot create their own accounts either, (but that problem also existed with the mod_auth_mysql approach).

There is a way for wiki admin users to create new accounts though:

* Go to the Special:Userlogin page (after logging in as an admin)
* Click “Create an account”
* Fill in the form, uncheck the box “Remember my login on this computer”
* Click “by e-mail”

The new user gets an e-mail with a generated password (I found out the password I typed in the form was discarded).
After logging in for the first time, the new user is asked to choose a new password.

Also there are many extensions like Simple security which may solve the purpose of securing pages.

If Broadband Modem reboots continuously.

If some day your ADSL Modem continuously reboots and doesn’t let a Local link to establish, then you need not to call your ISP because they would simply scratch there heads and would finally suggest you to change you modem. At least it happened to me, I can also understand its BSNL but, Airtel, Reliance, TATA Indicom are no better. Same kind of dumb people work both sides. I got a common suggestion too that you should change your modem.

Now let me give you my brief story.

What I recalled was that in the past few days there had been atleast 15-20 times power failure and I did not protect my modem with UPS or a stabilizer. So what went bad was my Modem AC adapter. Its voltage dropped from 9V to little less. If you get this problem then do check this output voltage using a voltmeter. I just changed the adapter to little higher voltage 12V and it worked. Don’t worry it didn’t burn my modem so I guess yours will be safe as well but better option will be to replace the adapter with same ratings.

My modem was manufactured by Huawei Technologies build Smartax MT882. Its an extremely well build modem but I think I never had an original adapter that’s why it failed. I linked this modem with Linksys WRT54GL wireless router (whose adapter is 12v which I used for testing).

Modem reboots can also happen if you screwed up the firmware update but and that really means you should keep quit and get your modem changed by ISP. This problem can be solved by methods like TFTP or JTAG Cable. More detailed explanation can be found on DD-WRT site.